Thursday, October 16, 2008

7 Random Things About Me & Food

At the prodding of Cousin L who pointed out that I haven't updated since, oh, March... here's a quick food meme - 7 Things about Me & Food

  • I started cooking at 5 years old -- I made scrambled eggs seasoned with parsley.

  • I have always been a food show addict. After Saturday morning cartoons, I'd immediately switch to PBS which had all the cooking shows. I grew up with The Frugal Gourmet, Yan Can Cook, Great Chefs and all those old school cooking shows.

  • I was anorexic during high school but I still watched food shows religiously and cooked a lot. I just didn't eat what I cooked.

  • I can't seem to make risotto. I've tried to cook it several times and have never had it turn out correctly.

  • Pie crust is another enemy of mine. I'm so close to giving up attempting pie dough.

  • One of my favorite guilty snacks is cheddar cheese cubes dipped in sugar. Yes, I'm strange but it tastes so good.

  • I think Korean moon pies (ie. Orion Chocopies, Lottepies, etc.) kick American moon pies butt.


LH said...

Risotto is the devil. It kills me when people proclaim, "Risotto is MUCH simpler than it seems. ANYONE can do it!"

Sara said...

Screw risotto. I don't know if anyone but a restuarant (even then) can do it well.

You should post more often!